Max Ferency

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Lo-Fi Jazz Beats

Improvised Beat Music piped directly to your ears via Podcast, SoundCloud, & YouTube.

Dignity EP

Music and spoken word interwoven to express the struggles for dignity from Baltimore to Spain to Tunisia.

Dialogues with Max Ferency

Podcast discussing artists' practice and the role of the arts in society focusing uprisings across the world.


Layering ambient music, sounds, and voices to emerse art gallery visiters in the artist experience.


Listening Parties, Group Residencies, and Exhibitions to bring together of artists of different media to create art and community.


Keep up with these and future projects.

In order to be a good musician, one must listen to and appreciate many different types of music.

In order to be a good citizen, one must listen to and appreciate many life experiences from different people.

These are my efforts to be a good citizen-musician.

-Max Ferency