Max Ferency

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Host a Listening Party

The musical works of Max Ferency are written to spark discussion and thought.

If you would like to spark such conversations and thought among your friends, family, colleagues or community members using these works, please contact me so we can work out the details. I'll bring the music and speakers and you provide the space and people.

I am an experienced facilitator of intergroup dialogues and conflict resolution on issues of race, gender, class, etc and so I am ready and willing create a space for discussion that will be both safe and challenging. Even if you live too far away for me to travel to you, please still contact me and we discuss ways for you to initiate conversations with the group of listeners.

Email me at to work out the details.

Give Feedback or Suggest a Topic

I am always interested in hearing from listeners and members of the communities featured in various works of music. Your responses to the work or suggestions for other voices from other communities that wish to be highlighted in the music are very valuable to me. I may not always be able to use all of those suggestions right away but I always appreciate the feedback.

Email me at with your thoughts.

Collaborate with me

As an artist interested in creating polyphonic (i.e. multi-perspective) and socially engaged music, I am always interested in collaborating and expanding the circle of interaction. If you are an artist also interested in exploring polyphony in your own work, I would love to talk to you.

Email me at so we can begin the conversations.

Commission a Work

If you would like a work created specifically for your radio broadcast, podcast, organization, or live performance that explores some of the life experiences that inform various perspectives on current social issues, please consider commissioning a work.

Email me at to propose your ideas.

Share with Friends

Use Facebook, Twitter, Ello, Reddit, other social media, or even in-person interactions (!) to share your favorite episodes with friends and family.